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Alli Lubin: Blog


Posted on March 31, 2018 with 0 comments


random thoughts and recollections

during heart valve replacement

surgery and recovery

I chose this photo for my Healing Blog because at this moment four years ago in Hawaii with Eve celebrating my 65th birthday, I was BRAVE enough to try something challenging and risky, because I KNEW I had the strength to succeed if I could get over my fear. I HAD THIS. Now after surviving successful open heart valve replacement surgery on my 69th birthday last Monday, March 26, 2018, I am compelled to reach out through writing to share with friends who love to read and want to know how the operation and recovery from my surgery is going for me. I'll have this too. I'm looking forward to sharing and celebrating my very special birthday with you!

Alli rope swing Hawaii

Suspended in time ~ Anchored in space ~ this is how it feels to find out I need heart surgery and my current life is on HOLD. This news has unleashed a fierce creative spirit in my mind while coming to grips with my body Aging and Changing. Writing is my way of reaching out to my friends for connection and comfort...